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  • Words: JD Shabo/Photographs: Ian Ray

Mankala Gang in Portland, ME

Fresh off of their 4/20/24 EP release INFORMATION OVERLOAD, Mankala returned to The Apohadion Theater in Portland, ME with impassioned energy. The crowd could feel the beast that is Mankala as a majority of those in attendance responded to frontman Nicholas Gary’s presence. There was a gang of vocals throughout the entire set, with enthusiastic participants reciting every word. In between the “hashcore” mastery, Mankala’s personality is as genuine as they come; mirroring their songs and oozing with fun energy. It is quickly obvious why they are one of the “must see” bands from Maine right now. This entire bill proved to be an example of how beautiful this community is. With locals S.C.O.B.Y. and Snake Lips, plus Sowing and Louzy both making the trip from Massachusetts, the night truly was a perfect blend of punk and hardcore. Mankala will take the stage next on Saturday, May 18th at All Roads Music Festival in Belfast, Maine.


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