Youth of Analog Companion

Ray Cappo and John Porcelly founded the New York hardcore band Youth of Today back in 1985 to bring hardcore back to its roots while it began to move towards a more metal sound with bands like Corrosion of Conforminity crossing that boundary. Their songs ushered in a resurrgance of stripped down straight edge hardcore with short riffs, fast breakdowns, and sing-along vocals. The band ultimately was a reaction to the metal bands coming on to the scene, Ray Cappo even said, "We wre going to be called Youth of Today. The band would be completely generic." Porcelly backed him up adding, "We named the band Youth of Today because it was the most generic name we could come up with." Considering their impact on the NYHC scene, and hardcore across the globe, it's a bit of shame they'd admitted this. 


As the X'd up hand has become a generic symbol of the straight edge, and the fist a fully iconic image directly tied to Youth of Today, we thought we'd honor their legend, and the positive influence, despite their admitted guilt to forming something inauthentically authentic. Whatever that symbol means to you, and whatever hardcore may stand for, we still hold true to the values of the scene: Integrity, Unity, and Solidarity. Straight Edge, Drunk, Stoned, whatever, just be a positive force in the face of an adverse, and cruel world. 

Youth of Analog Companion


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