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Volume: 5: Issue 3 (Final Issue)

Orders will ship sometime in February. We are doing a pre-order until January 30th – buy now or cry later.


Now the real shit:


Goddamn we love this. It’s not always easy to coordinate with everyone, hunt down articles, ask folks for free photographs, or to give their time for an interview – but when all the files are submitted, and layout begins – it’s the best fucking feeling. Analog Companion is nothing – if not a community effort – and we couldn’t be more grateful for anyone who participated in this zine – whether that means writing an article, shooting a photograph, purchasing a copy, or passing it along to a friend. This is the last issue of original content – and then we’re putting it to bed. Anyone who purchases this issue will receive a “Greatest Hits” issue as a bonus to say thank you to anyone who has been down for the cause. Thank you for showing up.


Volume 5: Issue 3 is on pre-order as we finalize layout and get it off to the printer. If you know someone who might want an issue – or ever thought of starting their own zine, grab a copy for them, too. We need all the money we can get. In V5I3 we bring back our cast of reliable writers and photographers – Tomas Ruprecht writes a sentimental piece about his homeland of Argentina, Willy Nevins explores the alternate route in a snow cave, André Rober Beriau dials in a few interviews with Blake Geis and Hailey Ronconi. The issue wouldn’t be complete without a piece by Kevin Susienka focused on Central Massachusetts’s – and New England’s – most important skater, Jared Bratko.


Included with your purchase:


- High Quality Issue

- 80 lbs. Gloss Cover

- 80 lbs. Gloss Text

- Folded and Stapled Booklet Style Zine


- Handwritten "Thank You" note

- Desire to Travel

- Pursuit of Adventure

- Lust for Exploration


***Excerpt from unsung Hero by Kevin Susienka***


Jared Bratko, who dips his toes into the real world five days a week, is a vagrant in disguise - a vandal with a day job, if you will. He hides in plain sight from nine-to-five and earns his keep like most other people. However, when he clocks out at the end of the day, he enters a phone booth down the block and emerges as a derelict superhero that a completely different demographic of people in his life have come to know and love. Then, he waxes the ledges, makes the scrapes, lightens his feet over the chunks and takes another fraction of a millimeter of granite with him - and that’s the way he plans to do it until the fucking wheels fall off.


Volume: 5: Issue 3 (Final Issue)

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