Subscriptions: Volume 5.

In effort to get more zines out to people who might not live in an area where copies are carried, or maybe it's just easier to grab one from the mailbox than it is to run down to the nearest shop, Analog Companion is introducing a subscription service. While the covers say "FREE" in the bottom right corner of the page, your $25 helps support the cause, with all proceeds going to future issues. If the $25 is too much, grab a single copy for $10.


 Each issue is produced in runs of 500 copies, and are printed in Black and White.


Included with your purchase:

- High Quality B/W Issue
- 100lbs. Uncoated Matte Cover
- 80 lbs. Coated Matte Text
- Folded and Stapled Square-Backed Booklet Style Zine

- FREE Analog Companion Stickers
- Handwritten "Thank You" note
- Desire to Travel

- New Bands to Listen to and Support
- Pursuit of Adventure
- Lust for Exploration


Subscriptions: Volume 5.