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Volume 4: Issue 3

With a heavy focus on the Boston Hardcore Scene and the moments of purity that come with snowboarding/skating, Volume 4: Issue 3 brings back those feelings of what it felt like to walk into a club for the first time, or link up with a crew to skate. The issue covers the DIY world of skating/snowboarding/music from Boston to Norway. 


Volume 4: Issue 3 aims to introduce – or reintroduce – its readers to those feelings. Tomas Ruprecht starts the issue with some reflection in Resort Resuscitation (Page 2). The local hill’s potential is only limited by the vision of one’s peers, and Tomas captures that sentiment in his latest piece. With any passion there inevitably comes a project, and Pat Donfro of Shape Skateboards and now Heartthrobs is no stranger to turning his love for skating into sources of inspiration. New England skate/snow legend and RAW skateboards cofounder Kevin Susienka writes about the total Heartthrob (Page 14) brand that Donfro has created. André Rober Beriau interviews Russell Campot of Vantage Point (Page 20) to hear more about the resurgence of Boston Hardcore. Coming out of Norway in full DIY style, Chris Baldry gives some necessary exposure to Gråkallparken (Page 21) – a full on diggers dream of snowboard park freedom. To wrap up the issue, André talks with Matt McCarthy of Boston Hardcore band Pummel (Page 28) about their formation and the scene.


Included with your purchase:

- High Quality Color Issue
- 80 lbs. Gloss Cover
- 80 lbs. Gloss Text
- Folded and Stapled Booklet Style Zine

- FREE Analog Companion Stickers
- Handwritten "Thank You" note
- Desire to Travel
- Pursuit of Adventure
- Lust for Exploration


***Excerpt from Resort Resuscitation by Tomas Ruprecht***


Don’t get me wrong, the mountains in Vermont can be legendary on good days…but sometimes it takes a new set of eyes to unlock different levels to your hometown shred scene. That’s when you make the call to an out-of-state friend who has rarely been to your region. Seeing your resort through someone else’s vision and flow on terrain you’ve spent years on can change your perspective and renew your faith in your local turf. Little nooks and crannies that you might have zipped past before are now being slashed, ollied, and pillaged by a new set of eyes. Watching a friend charge a line I’ve done hundreds of times for their first time instantly reset my odometer. The genuine gratitude of having been led to such spots…and then the marauding that ensued…that’s the fine-tuning I needed to recharge the appreciation for what we have access to in Vermont.

Volume 4: Issue 3

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