Division None Long Sleeve

Team Sports never really settled well with us, but if you dig 'em, that's cool. Unlike the jocks who screamed for us to do kickflips, or called us out for the clothes we wore, we don't need to judge people - we're comfortable being the Division None Champs of Nowhere U.S.A.


Analog Companion wants you to be even more comfortable flying your freak flag with a fresh long sleeve. These double-sided long sleeves will be printed on Gilden Ultra Cotton in an Ash color to ensure your ultimate comfort while pushing through the streets, watching the latest premier, or maybe even catching the game, dude. 


Shirts fit true-to-size, and on the better-fitting size. Size up if you don't want your clothes to fit all hesh and shit 

Division None Long Sleeve


    Analog Companion is focused on Skateboarding, Punk/Hardcore, Art & 

    The DIY Travel Lifestyle that encapsulates the desire to break out of the mainstream.

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