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3" Circle Sticker

Purchase an Analog Companion DIY Division Sticker for your water bottle, car, or skateboard. Don't have any of those? Blast it on a street sign, slap it on a bathroom stall, use it to keep a surfboard ding watertight. Wherever you decide to show your support remember that you're helping give back to the DIY scene. Analog Companion is a twenty-page DIY zine driven by surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and travel.

Within the pages of Analog Companion there are no advertisements, there is no marketing scheme. AC is dedicated to the pursuit of travel writing and analog photography. The zine serves to promote the stories and images of those who do not fit into the traditional confines of mainstream physical media. In an age where there is abundant saturation of digital print and images, Analog Companion takes a pause from the hyper-connectivity of the modern world in order to slowdown and appreciate the written word and the photographs that accompany it. 

About Stickers:

3" Round Circle

*U.V. ink. Screen printed on white 3.25 mil vinyl with permanent adhesive and a no split liner. These stickers are suited for outdoor use and should last 3-5 years with no fading.

3" Circle Sticker

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