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  • André Rober Beriau

Molly Martin at the Middle East

On Tuesday, April 23rd, Molly Martin and band brought their raucous rock-meets-pop-punk sound from Nashville to the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. With 30 minutes of stage time, Molly filled the blank spaces between songs with clever banter to hype the crowd for Aaron Lee Tasjan's set. Joking about a stone-still audience in Toronto and encouraging the crowd to fill the sacred space between the crowd and edge of the stage, Molly and Co., delivered an energetic set full of lip snarls, fast riffs, trauma-packed lyrics, and the cynicism of a solid *kiss off* anthem. Ending the set with a cover of The Cranberries Zombie - Molly showed her full range from clear vocal takes to a raspier, heavier sound the resonated throughout the historic punk/hardcore venue.


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