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Peter Limberg:

Peter Limberg is no stranger to stepping up to heavy spots and putting a Midwestern accent on his riding - even if he's from Minnesota, which is more north than Mid or West, and doesn't really have an accent. Supported by the DIY focused board company Interior Plain Project, and riding to the song Syrup by Pllush. Peter's riding, paired with the distortion fueled sounds, and interlaced with Super8 footage from Trevor Slattery, is a tight edit that incorporates the finer parts of street riding and the mentality of the DIY movement. Filmed with help from Derek Combs, Riley Erickson, Dan Tyler, Zak Peterson, Dan Pergrin, Trevor Slattery took the editing reigns on this killer collaboration. Support the homies that are down for the cause, not the applause. Peter and crew are always coming through.

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