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Dinosaurs Will Die
Dysfunctional Family

Without a fraction of a doubt, we love the Dinosaurs Will Die family. Regardless of how dysfunctional they may appear, or how controversial their graphics may get (seriously Fuck Trump), Sean Genovese and Jeff Keenan have assembled a company and crew that speaks to the core of snowboarding. Is it rider-owned? Check. Is it rider-operated? Check. Can they actually back up their boards with their own riding? Check. Directed and Edited by Brendon Hupp, Dysfunctional Family is a mix-up of filmers, team riders, and Dinosaur Rats who are all focused on one thing: The love of the cause. There's no other way to put it. This is what every snowboard crew edit should look like. Buy Dinos, repeat until death. Yes. We are biased as a mother fucker. Who cares? It's snowboarding, not brain surgery.

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